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Bobby English performing with Labbodies


901 Arts Drumline rocking East Oliver Street!

Alloverstreet: East Oliver Street Art Walk was a monthly night of simultaneous art openings and events spanning the many diverse art spaces in Station North. Winner of City Paper’s “Best Art Walk That Doesn’t Suck” in 2014, Alloverstreet hosted hundreds of visitors for free performances and exhibitions on the first Friday of every month, from 5:00 - 10:00PM on E Oliver Street between Greenmount and Guilford Avenues. Alloverstreet evolved organically out of Process Collective's on-going practice in late 2013 and was born out of an intention to create more accessible and inclusive artistic happenings at artist-run venues at the Copycat. Directed by Kimi Hanauer and Lee Heinemann for its first two years, Alloverstreet was then supported by Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc.

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Alloverstreet Schedule

  • ​5:00 - 7:00PM: Alloverstreet Kick Off & Happy Hour
    @ the Station North Tool Library [417 E Oliver Street]
  • 7:00 - 7:30PM: Artist Talk
    @ Area 405 [405 E Oliver Street]
  • 7:00 - 10:00PM: Art Openings
    @ E Oliver Street & Guilford Avenue​

The Alloverstreet Roster

The Copycat. The Copycat is a live/work warehouse that has been occupied by Baltimore's creatives for decades. The Copycat is one of Baltimore's main hubs of artist-run spaces and features a frequently evolving line-up of spaces each month including:

300 and 400 Blocks of E Oliver Street. Adjacent to the Copycat, you'll find a number of other art spaces and organizations including:

Guilford Avenue and Calvert Street. Beyond, but still close to, E Oliver Street you will find:

Photo by Olivia Obineme. 

Background & Approach 

Alloverstreet's structure was based on two significant values:

  1. Alloverstreet was democratically curated. Any art space, collective or individual who wished to be involved is welcome.
  2. Alloverstreet was collectively run. Participating spaces collectively controlled the development of the project.

This rhizomatic structure, in which no one entity may entirely control the direction of the project, was developed through years of dialogical-democratic engagement between consistent participators and continues through monthly project meetings. As part of these project meetings, where participating spaces discuss the project and its development, SNAE, inc. also hosted professional development workshops with visiting artists and professionals that are based on participators needs and desires. Alloverstreet attempted to unite different audiences and works to broaden the scope and reach of independently run art spaces. Learn more about Alloverstreet's methodology here.



Photos by Tommy Bruce.

Alloverstreet Photos

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Alloverstreet Press

Alloverstreet has been featured in national and local platforms: