Station North CSA (Community Supported Art)
Station North CSA (Community Supported Art)
Station North CSA (Community Supported Art)

The Concept

Based on the same concept as Community Supported Agriculture, the Station North CSA provided participating shareholders with the freshest art that Baltimore has to offer. 

The Events

At each of the CSA meeting, four artists gave brief presentations about their work and shareholders rank their preferred artists. Ranking was used to ensure that shareholders aren't getting a box full of kale at pick-up when they'd rather have beets. These events were also an opportunity to network, mingle, and meet CSA artists. 

The Take Aways

The goal of the Station North CSA was to create an engaged local arts community by establishing relationships between artists and local patrons while also experimenting with an exciting new model of art support and distribution. Shareholders each received work from 6 of the 12 participating artists and art distribution was determined by shareholders’ preferences. 

Season 3 Participating Artists

Each shareholder received 6 works of art, each created by a different artist, for $400. 

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